About Mads Langer

Mixing his deeply rooted Nordic melancholy with touches of blue-eyed American soul has made Mads Langer a superstar in his homeland and a household name all-over Europe. He has been the most played composer in Danish radio, won multiple awards and played hundreds of sold-out concerts. And both the rest of Europe and USA have shown increased love for Langer. Consequently, the Danish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer has been pushed into new territory both personally and professionally. Being a highly intuitive musician it all flows into the songs. Whereas he is still coining his sound as ‘Nordic melancholy from the psalm-tradition mixed with soul’ new edgy dimensions find their way to his most recent releases. Mads is commuting back and forth between Copenhagen and Los Angeles when he’s not on the road performing his songs all over the world. Right now he is in the studio recording his next album.

“Music is a universal language. It is a privilege to play in so many countries and meet people from across the globe. It is essentially life-affirming. In direct relation to that: The more I explore my field as a songwriter, the more humble I become. I discover how much there is still out there for me to learn.”